Introduction To Multi Picture Frame

Now that you have selected your oval picture frame, it is time to get the picture ready to frame. It is not difficult to cut the picture correctly to fit into your frame, but keep these tips in mind and you will not be disappointed in your results.Before you do any cutting of your picture, first remove the glass and backing from the oval frame. To get an idea of how the picture will look in the oval frame, place the frame over the picture. This will help you decide if the oval frame is right for your picture, before you do any cutting.Use the glass as a guide over the picture and adjust it until you are satisfied you have the best placement for your picture. Gently move the glass so you don’t risk scratching your picture.

Align the picture so the subject of the photo is straight and centered in the frame. This is extremely important for a portrait photo. Be sure the image is not tilted or your picture once framed will look uneven. The horizontal spacing should be even on each side of the subjects in the photo. For vertical spacing the person’s head should be about 2/3 of the way up from the bottom of the frame. There shouldn’t be a lot of space above the subject otherwise it won’t look properly aligned.

Once you are satisfied with how your picture will look in the oval frame, use a pen to mark guide lines around the glass onto the photo. This is your cutting line. Avoid thick felt pens because they can bleed and ruin your picture.Now that the picture is marked, it is time to cut. Be sure to use sharp scissors to cut as dull ones will leave a ragged edge or the picture will bend as you cut.When the picture has been cut, clean the glass and dry thoroughly. Be sure there is no moisture on the glass or your picture may be damaged. Not all frames include frame backing. If your frame doesn’t have a frame back, you’ll need to make one for it.